UMP Protein Powder By Beverly International is a diet game changer

It is no surprise to me that the title of this post is  a recent comment made to me by a friend who decided to give my favorite protein powder a try.    I gave her some Vanilla  UMP protein powder by Beverly International  and told her to mix it with PB2 and water or almond milk and make a pudding.  She immediately called me and said, “Oh my word where has this pudding been all my life?   This is a game changer for me!   It satisfies my sweet tooth without breaking all my macro’s.”  Not to mention it is loaded with protein.  It is very filling and is the perfect snack for anytime of day.

I feel that I am a realistic clean eater.  By this I mean that  for the most part I choose whole foods (veggies, fruit, eggs, fish, yogurt)   to eat on a daily basis to fill my body.   That being said,  I am a wife, mother and full time employed woman who enjoys making clean eating and working out a priority in my life.    This means I don’t always have access to whole foods on me at all times.   For me eating every 2-3 hours is a must to keep my metabolism running and my works outs productive.    So this means that  I have to carry protein powder and bars in my purse and car most days.   I do this to ensure  I get the protein and food my body needs to work at its best at the right time of day.    Not to mention  that I also have a sweet tooth and the protein powder helps with that as well.

My friend was spot on when she said this product is a game changer for her.  I couldn’t agree more.     It allows for us to keep our diets in check without feeling deprived of a sweet, yummy treat loaded with protein.       I decided to sell it because I believe in the product and I wanted to share it with others.  I have seen quite a bit of gains in my body as far as building muscle and endurance from taking this powder as well as staying lean.  Some of the other ways I use this protein is for baking.  I rarely use any flour at our house.  I make a mean protein pancake, coconut energy balls, sweet potato brownies, killer night time hot protein cocoa to satisfy my chocolate craving.    The list goes on.    Let me know if you want to give it a try and maybe this will be your diet game changer!

Photo’s above are UMP Protein Pudding and my version of UMP PBJ.  Both are filling snacks and under 200 calories.    UMP PBJ = 25 grams of protein, 18 grams of carbs and 4.5 grams of fat.



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