Chocolate protein pancakes for morning, noon and night!

The chocolate lovers protein pancakes

Without question breakfast is my favorite meal of the day.  These protein pancakes are a staple in my morning routine.  In fact I make extra and store in the fridge for when I have a chocolate craving during the day.  It is a high protein, low carb, and great tasting snack.  They store great for a few days!  Enjoy

Beat 1 egg with 4 egg whites with

1/2 scoop ump chocolate protein powder

1/2 tablespoon baking powder

2 tablespoons walnut farms chocolate syrup

combine all and spray pan with Pam and cook your pancake .  Serve with walnut farms plain or chocolate syrup and berries.    To make this a complete breakfast I mix up  a bag of Better Oats 100 calories oats with flax.  This is a standard breakfast for me.

Not a chocolate lover?   Try these with UMP by Beverly International vanilla or strawberry protein powder.  They are just as amazing!   Contact me if you want some of this miracle protein powder and I will drop it off to you locally or overnight it to you .  It is truly a staple in my diet and it helps me to reach my daily protein goal that I need to build and maintain muscle .  Mainly for me this protein allows me to stay on track with my diet by allowing me to make sweet and yummy treats to keep my food interesting and help me to not feel deprived!



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