The fate of the Christmas Cookie at my house (or my garage)…

Christmas cookies are not as appealing outside, on the garage work bench!

We have many family and friend traditions for Christmas at our house. A favorite of mine and my family’s is when I get together with my very best friends and we catch up and exchange Christmas cookies.

Many of these cookies go out to friends, co workers, neighbors and family. This year our cookie recipients were nervous due to all of my health and wellness posts that they may not get their treats. I definitely did not disappoint them but I surely made some healthier options such as candy cane energy balls and dark chocolate covered pomegranate seeds. I also followed tradition and made sugar cookies and a few other corn syrup crazed treats.

Even though we give away a good bit of the treats there is always some cookies left for my family. To be honest, my husband and girls would kill me if they didn’t get in on some of  these traditional  sugar packed bundles of goodness once a year. I realize a Christmas cookie or two is not going to kill my diet. However,  I don’t want or need the temptation. The reality for me is I can’t stop at one. I have cut so much sugar out of my diet. If I allow myself an inch I’ll take it the full mile up sugar heaven and eat 5 cookies.

After two years of working on conquering weight loss and clean eating (and believe me it is a daily work in progress). I have found that not having it in the house is the best option for me. So you won’t find a Christmas cookie in my house. The fate of the cookie can be found out in the garage on my husbands work bench. It ends up being a win for my family. They get in on the Christmas cookie tradition and I keep them far enough away to say no and keep my diet clean!

So if you’re like me and love your Christmas traditions. If they involve lots of sugar , chocolate and butter, perhaps storing them out in the cold on the garage work bench will be your key to keeping your diet in check during this Christmas season! I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas!

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